Advice And Support For Parents

It can be a very confusing, worrying and stressful time for parents if you suspect that your child may have a learning difficulty or special educational need. Finding yourself in this position and not knowing where to turn for support and guidance as to how to identify what type of learning difficulty your child may have, where to go for an educational assessment of their needs, as well as how to identify and apply to the right school to offer them support, while ensuring they fulfil their academic potential, can be a significant challenge.

Our team of experts understands the needs of parents faced with the sudden realisation that their child may have learning difficulties or special educational needs and we will be on hand support you, whatever your individual challenge might be.

Consultancy Advice For Children With Learning Difficulties or Special Needs

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, ASD.Our guidance and support services for parents, who suspect their child may have learning difficulties or special educational needs include:

  • A ‘listening ear’ to support and guide parents at this worrying time….
  • Advice on arranging educational assessment or medical evaluation as necessary.
  • Discussions to identify the right school to support your child’s individual needs.
  • Assistance with communication with the school, to ensure your child receives the support identified in their Individual Education Plan.

By asking you to complete a detailed brief in advance, we will ensure that your key individual issues are addressed and expectations met.

For an informal discussion about your individual requirements, please contact us.

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