There are key stages throughout a child’s education when they may need additional support with their learning, to allow them to meet their true potential.

International students who need to study an intensive academic English course, before joining a UK boarding school.

Buckinghamshire parents seeking a tutor or intensive course, to prepare their child for the 11+

Teenagers studying for GCSE, A Level or IB may need an intensive short-course at Easter to prepare for these important exams. Those seeking to re-take A levels, may need advice on finding the right tutorial college.

Our team of expert consultants will advise you on choosing the right course or tutor, to suit your individual needs.

Does your child need the support of an Easter revision course, 11+ tutoring, a summer course to learn English as an additional language, a pre-boarding preparation course or foundation course for university, or a tutorial college to re-sit AS/A levels?

Whatever short-term educational or holiday course programme you are looking for, our consultant experts can advise you on making the right choice.

For an informal discussion about your individual requirements, please contact us.

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