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We are honoured to work in partnership with private banks, investment companies, property search and relocation companies, immigration specialists and concierge companies, offering specialist education consultancy services to either their private clients or employees.

Our trusted relationships with Corporate partners add significant value to their existing client services for parents and families, through specialist expertise in the field of education.

Where senior employees are required to work overseas as part of their contractual obligations, ensuring the happiness of their family can be a major factor in settling into life in a new country. Sometimes this means securing a place at a British international school overseas. However, many parents find boarding in the UK, travelling overseas during the holidays, to be an excellent way to maintain consistency and stability for their children while working overseas.

International clients of corporate partners who are seeking a move to the London via an investor visa often need advice on London prep or senior school applications as well as how to plan, prepare and apply for a place in a top boarding school. Development of English understanding for both the child and their parents can also be a priority.

Relocation companies, whilst experts in home-search and logistics of inter-country moves, do not tend to have significant in-depth knowledge of UK schools or universities. Our team adds access to significant knowledge, contacts and experience for their clients.

Success Story – Moving to a UK Boarding, Day or London School

A partner relocation agent was looking for boarding schools for children of one of their clients, whilst mum and dad were moving from the UK overseas to fulfil an overseas work contract.

Our consultant worked with the parents to balance the education needs of the children with the priorities of the parents, in terms of location and flexi-boarding. The family were new to the idea of boarding and were understandably apprehensive. To reassure them, we arranged taster stays for the children and made sure parents spoke to house-parents directly, to discuss day-day life within the school.

Whilst mum and dad adjust to their new home and work-life abroad, they are secure in the knowledge that their children are happy and settled into their new routine at boarding school.

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