Last Minute School Placements

Nurturing parents towards the right choices for their children, even with the shortest of timescales or trickiest of challenges.

“Coping with the application process to our chosen boarding school was very confusing until we met you. You guided us through every step in the process. Our son is now very happy in his new school. We look forward to your support with his education in the future.”
Private client, Russia

There are many reasons that you may wish to find a last minute school placement for your child.


Perhaps you are relocating at short notice due to work, or a change in family circumstances has meant you have to make sudden changes.

Finding a school at a late stage can seem daunting, however, with an open-minded approach, the right guidance, experience and contacts, our team of expert consultants frequently helps families with ‘last-minute’ school placements.

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Success Story – Finding a Last Minute School Placement



When dad decided to set up his own UK business, it meant a quick move for the family from South Africa. It was the middle of June and the family were looking for two prep school places for their son and daughter for September.  They wanted schools that would lead to strong academic senior schools.  Parents were concerned that the school had to be the right fit, they wanted it to have an international feel, mum also wanted to feel part of a strong parent community and we took this into consideration when choosing schools.

Our consultants established which schools still had places within a commutable distance of their new home. Once this list was established, we worked with the family to produce a shortlist of schools that would suit their children. We advised the family on how to gather an application pack of references and reports.  The family weren’t able to visit until the summer holidays, and with the schools help we produced an itinerary of visits and accompaniment by our team.  When the school choice was made, we helped the family prepare for their new school by recommending books and learning resources. 

The family were delighted with their shortlisted options and had some strong prep schools to choose from.  However, after the visit their preferred choice was clear, and the children made successful applications and started school that September.  Their son is now in his final year and heading to a strong senior school in September. Their daughter is now very settled and happy in her new environment.   

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