Interview Preparation, Mentoring and Support

Communication, conversation and critical thinking skills – building your child’s confidence for interview.

“Being interviewed is a life skill and going through this process with your consultants has given my son a template for how to prepare for these events.”

Private client, UK

Increasingly, top schools are introducing a pre-testing and interview element to their entry processes for prep school candidates at age 11 or 12.

Identifying their strengths and having the confidence to talk to adults about them, coming across as confident, but not arrogant, can be tricky for youngsters who are faced with an interview for entry to UK day or boarding schools.

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Likewise, the interview process for sixth form entry at age 16 can be challenging for those who, though academically talented, struggle with how to convey their wider contribution to the school community.

Music, sport, drama, The Arts, community service, leadership, commitment to house activity – it is essential that candidates convey their full contribution and commitment to school life as a whole.

From arranging one-off practice interview sessions either face-to-face or by video call, to inclusive packages where we work with youngsters over several weeks to help them to prepare for that all-important interview, we have a range of bespoke consultancy services to prepare your child or teenager.

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Mentoring and long-term guidance

We are often contacted by parents whose teenagers are facing tricky times at school. Some examples of recent situations where we have offered advice and support are:

  • Teenagers who are struggling to settle into boarding life.
  • Those who are faced with handling difficult peer relationships.
  • Teenagers finding it tricky to give adequate focus and attention to their studies for GCSE, A Level or IB.
  • Those struggling to set and achieve academic goals.
  • Teenagers teetering on the edge of suspension or expulsion from school.

For parents facing these situations, home can become a place of confrontation and worry, not knowing where to turn for advice. Often the first reaction is to look towards a move of school. However, in our experience, getting to the bottom of what is going wrong and why, is often a better long-term solution for all. Moving school should be the last decision, after investigation, consideration and thought has been given to all the options.

Our team of education consultants offers an experienced support system to assist teenagers and their parents in finding the right long-term solution. Through our termly mentoring service, we help families in the following ways:

  • Set up regular Skype or face-to-face mentoring sessions with teenagers to set goals, discuss how things are going at school and suggest solutions to any issues of concern.
  • Feedback to parents if lines of communication are tricky, acting as an independent, listening ear.
  • Support teenagers with planning study and revision schedules.
  • Support teenagers with goal setting in all areas of school life – academic, social and behaviour.
  • Communicate with school key staff such as House parents and tutors to investigate and find solutions to issues, adding an independent, mediatory element to the support structure surrounding the teenager.
  • Discuss potential careers, university and sixth form opportunities to give a purpose to education and hence motivate towards achieving more.
  • Advise parents on alternatives to the current school including sixth form colleges, should this turn out to be the best solution. Often reviewing alternatives to the current school can be the best motivator to stay where they are.

When it comes to mentoring, the needs and aims of each family are different. If you feel this service could be useful to you, please get in touch for an informal, confidential chat about your situation so we can discuss how one of our team of experienced consultants can help.

Parents in these situations often feel lonely as it can be tricky to share the difficulties you are facing with friends or relatives. We are good listeners, so I reassure you, you are not alone. Chances are whatever your concern, our consultants will have seen it all before and hence will support you in finding the right way forward for the family as a whole.

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Short Courses – 11+, EAL, Exam Revision, retakes, UCAS and Careers

There are key stages throughout a child’s education when they may need additional support with their learning, to allow them to meet their true potential.

  • International students who need to study an intensive academic English course, before joining a UK boarding school.
  • Parents seeking a tutor or intensive course, to prepare their child for the 11+
  • Teenagers studying for GCSE, A Level or IB may need an intensive revision course at Easter, to prepare for those all-important exams.
  • Re-taking A levels and searching for the right tutorial college.
  • Finding a summer course to learn English as an additional language.
  • Finding a pre-boarding preparation course or foundation course for university.

Whatever short-term educational or holiday course programme you are looking for, our consultant experts can advise you on making the right choice.

Success Story – Pre-Test, Scholarship or Sixth Form Interviews


Parents wrote to us to ask for urgent assistance in preparing their daughter for imminent interviews and group assessment activities for a top independent school. They thought their daughter lacked confidence and were worried that she wouldn’t cope with interview questions or group sessions, for the upcoming scholarship interviews. Their daughter attended a state-run school so parents felt she would be at a disadvantage compared with children in prep schools. She had never been faced with an interview situation before.

Our consultant worked closely with the daughter to secure an academic scholarship to their chosen senior boarding school at 13+. Guiding the family with understanding the scholarship process for each school, as well as helping the child to acquire the skills to demonstrate with confidence, her academic and all-round competence at interview.

The family received offers of places from four schools, two with full bursaries, and two with music and drama scholarships.

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