• A digital guide on the sixth form application process. This 30 page e-book covers a range of topics including how and when to apply, whether to move school for sixth form, state or independent, how to make subject choices for A level or IB diploma, what curriculum to choose, how to prepare for interviews and entry exams, and accepting your offer. Also includes a sixth form edition of ‘Questions to ask on a school visit’ as well as interview practice questions.
  • There’s nothing worse than unpacking your bags in your new boarding room and realising you’ve forgotten to pack something essential. Use our downloadable Boarding School Packing Checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make the most of your new home away from home.

  • Everyone’s got a preferred type of childcare, and for good reasons – the childcare you need is the one that suits you and your family the best. Our no-fuss guide lays out the pros and cons of what’s on offer, allowing you to make an informed decision on what childcare to choose.
    • An effective guide to revision that works!
    • Make sure all of your pupils/children are fully prepared for their exams.
    • From revision timetables to top revision tips. The Oaka revision guide can help your child get the grade they deserve!
  • Introduction to the UK Education System is a digital guide for international parents considering UK education for their children. It covers topics such as types of school and qualification, who the UK governing bodies are, school ages and years, questions to ask when visiting a school and interview advice, as well as how to apply to independent schools in the UK. INCLUDES OUR RESOURCE ‘QUESTIONS TO ASK ON A SCHOOL VISIT’
  • Maths can be a tricky subject. Pupils who ‘miss’ something at the beginning can struggle. This clear, concise Fractions topic pack will help your child get to grips with the basics ready to move onto more complex fractions work. Fractions 1 is the first of our Maths Topic Packs. Our aim is produce a set of Maths packs that are clear and simple enough to be used by KS2 children but are not too ‘babyish’ for KS3 (and older teenagers) who need a recap.
  • It’s vital that you visit any schools you are considering for your child, but it’s hard to know how to make the most of those visits. Take this helpsheet along with you to ensure you get answers to the pressing questions – also contains our best tips on visiting schools and space to make your own notes, so you can compare your top school choices after the visits.

  • The ability to extend yourself and research independently into your interests is an invaluable skill – this will support your university applications and future job applications along with interviews. All universities expect more than just subject knowledge, and hence engaging in academic and broader enrichment tasks that show you are interested in your studies beyond what is on the school syllabus is in essence a super-curricular activity.
  • Applying for financial aid can be a daunting process – but don’t worry. Inside this booklet, we explain the differences between a scholarship and a bursary, how they are assessed, what an education grant is and where to find one that suits you, and our top tips on making a financial aid application.

    Inside this e-book you’ll find our top advice on how to prepare your child for an 11+. 13+ or scholarship interview and further tips to help you through the entry process into a grammar or independent senior school. Follow this link to book a Mock Interview and get access to this workbook included
  • The idea of boarding school is one bound to bring out a variety of responses and opinions from any parent – we challenge you to put aside any worries and doubts you may have with this short booklet on the benefits of modern boarding schools and why you may want to consider boarding as an option.
  • This information-packed help sheet explains the timeline of education in the UK, from the age children start school until they reach University. Includes school ages, exam dates and questions to ask yourself throughout your child’s education to better prepare for the future. You can also find some of this advice in our free app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play - just search What School Year or go to our page https://www.independenteducationconsultants.co.uk/how-are-the-ages-for-uk-school-years-calculated/


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