We are mid-exam season. Students are heads down focussing on last-minute revision towards those all-important A Level grades which hold the key to their future. It is tempting to see the summer months ahead as a time to relax and travel the world. A positive view towards results day is beneficial, however I advise having a Plan B, just incase. If things don’t turn out as expected you will need a clear head and swift action if August brings disappointment.

The beaches of Bali are not the best place to be if things go wrong. Plan to be available, preferably at home, on results day.

If you just miss your grades, be ready to call the universities as soon as possible. Prepare what you are going to say in advance to highlight your enthusiasm and suitability for this course. You may also need to be ready to negotiate a re-mark with your school if you feel your grade is unfair or unexpected.

Clearing will present new opportunities. Spend some time reviewing alternative courses now, so you will be ready to act fast when available places are published on results day. A quick decision will be expected, if a place is offered. Consider visiting back-up universities, so you would feel ready to accept on the spot. The course you choose must be interesting and support your career aspirations. Seeking advice from an expert will help and saves time.

If your grades can realistically be improved and you are passionate about a particular university or course, resits are the third option to consider. This is a tough route to take and needs motivation. You will need to wait a whole year to re-sit, during which time universities will want to see you used this time constructively.