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Planning and drafting an irresistible UCAS application

Why this package? – Entry to top courses and universities via UCAS is a highly competitive process. Trends indicate it’s likely to become increasingly so in the coming years. Understanding what’s required in all elements of the UCAS application, will inevitably lead to a more successful outcome when offers are made.

The outcome – your son or daughter will have the confidence to submit a well-considered UCAS application. They’ll be certain their grade predictions match course requirements, they are demonstrating all-round skills and capabilities and a passion and interest for their subject, there’s a strong reference to support the application and their Personal Statement is both original and irresistible to the universities on the final choice list.

You’ll also have the option to consider some advice and guidance with the next step in the process – preparing for interviews, deciding which offer to accept or applying for top universities, particular courses or career areas such as Medicine, Oxford or Cambridge.

How to ensure your final university and UCAS course choices are realistic for your predicted exam grades.

How to plan and draft an irresistible personal statement that’s original, eye catching and fits the courses you are applying for.

How to decide on the order to place your final course and university choices on your UCAS application, ensuring there’s a strong back-up course in place.

How to use resources such as Unifrog to assist with the UCAS application draft.

“I just got an email from UCAS to notify me that I got a conditional place from Cardiff Medical School!
I am so relieved and happy! Thank you very much for all your support and helpful resources.”

  • Ahead of your first video call with a Consultant, we’ll ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to enable our Consultant to better understand your son or daughter’s university aims and objectives. This also helps you and your son or daughter to think through your priorities and why.
  • After you’ve completed the online questionnaire we’ll ask you to pay your invoice for the service, so we can get you started by booking your first appointment to speak with one of our expert university Consultants via video call. We will request copies of GCSE or equivalent exam results, school reports, plus any other supporting documents that help our expert to get to know your son or daughter’s education history, goals and ambitions.

This service is designed to start once your son or daughter is happy with their final course and university choices list and they are ready to start working on drafting their irresistible application. During the first call, your experienced university Consultant will discuss your questionnaire, school reports, exam grades with you and your son or daughter. Collectively, you and your Consultant will create a plan that’s very individual to your family. You will discuss timings for further video calls, setting a to-do-list for your son or daughter, as well as realistic dates and deadlines to agree your final UCAS application draft, ready for checking and submission for feedback from your school.

Some of the things we’ll cover are below:

Personal Statement drafting

    • Reviewing why your son or daughter is interested in the subject.
    • Reflecting on current studies and their links with the chosen courses.
    • Discussing wider reading and other relevant additional educational opportunities.
    • Discussing the relevance of any work experience or other activities.
    • Exploring broader transferable skills and experiences in relation to the chosen course.
    • Providing a framework, as well as examples of successful personal statements where relevant.
    • Reviewing a first draft of the statement and providing feedback.
    • How to use Unifrog for support materials on writing a strong personal statement.
    • How to use educational and extra-curricular experiences to impress an admissions tutor.
    • How to focus on the course content and learning style of the chosen university.
    • Tips on what to avoid and what to focus on.
    • Email feedback and advice for up to 2 further drafts.
  • The outcome – a completed first draft of the personal statement.
  • Completing the UCAS application 
    • Guidance on how to complete each section of the online application including: how to register, initial UCAS questions, personal details, choices, education, predicted grades and references. 
    • How to achieve the best academic references and predicted grades if required. 
    • Checking the completed application before submission to your school for feedback. 
  • Other key areas
    • Overview on application dates and deadlines and how to prepare for any necessary entrance tests.  
    • How to make the most of university visits and key questions to ask.  
  • The outcome – a completed draft application ready for submission to your school for feedback.
  • Are you considering Oxford or Cambridge so need specific additional advice in this area?
  • Is Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry your career goal so you need specific advice in this area?
  • Do you need specialist advice on university entrance tests and/or interview preparation?
  • Are you considering alternatives to UK universities via UCAS, such as applying to US  or EU universities?

Or you might need advice and support with the next steps…

  • How to choose the best university offer and insurance offer. 
  • Accepting your offer after exam results.
  • Advice on making accommodation choices. 
  • How to prepare for going to university.

We have a range of add-on services providing you with the option of a bespoke UCAS Consultancy package, with a focus on your very particular goals. Please do get in touch to ask for more information about this.

Complete your online questionnaire to proceed

The price for this 1-2-1 Planning and drafting an irresistible UCAS application is £2,497 + vat (where applicable)

To get started, click the pink button above to complete your questionnaire. Then we will be in touch to request payment via an invoice and send you the details of how to book your first call with one of our university experts. The online questionnaire enables us to match you up with the right member of our expert team.

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