The results are out and a lot of parents and students will be weighing up their 6th form school options. Here are some tips to help you with the process:

Ensure you read the acceptance terms carefully and understand the conditions around acceptance deposits – these can be from around £500 to up to a term’s fees.

Be aware of acceptance deadlines and don’t miss them – there will be students on the waiting list hoping to hear if the school has space for them.

If the place is conditional on GCSE results then be realistic. Speak to your teenager’s school teachers to ensure they are on track to obtaining the grades they need before accepting an offer. If they are great! If there are concerns why not discuss these with the school and get their thoughts now, rather than be in a difficult situation in August.

Although waiting lists can be tricky places to be, spaces can come up. Call the school to find out more about the waiting list – how many others are on it? Do they anticipate much movement and when? Often waiting list places are offered after Christmas, once the first round of offers have accepted/declined. However, sadly, sometimes places don’t come up, and you have to decide how long you are able to wait  and also it’s imperative that you consider putting your ‘second choice’ option in place.   You will need to commit to your second choice school financially – so be aware of this and of potential penalties for withdrawing your child after you’ve accepted.

If you haven’t been successful this time around, don’t worry. A lot of schools have a second round of applications in the new year. Speak to one of our team to find out how we can help you find a great match for your child.