As many schools decide to hold their admissions procedures online over the next few months, many parents are nervous about ‘online interviews’.      Here are a few tips:

  1.  What if something goes wrong?  We’ve all done it, gone to join an online meeting and realised that we can’t log in to our Zoom or Skype account, or our laptop running low on charge or for some reason the microphone isn’t working! Ensure these stresses are taken out of the occasion by trialling everything the night before.    But if you do encounter a technological problem on the day, don’t panic, the schools will understand and we are all getting used to this new way of doing things.
  2.  How to make eye contact?  I’ve been asked this by so many parents over the last few weeks and relax, there is no exact way to ensure your child gets this right – there’s no magic place to stare at you laptop, that will ensure you are meeting the interviewer’s eyes.  The key is that your child should be looking at the screen – that’s all,  and not looking around the room or staring out the window.   It’s okay to look away briefly whilst thinking of an answer, but the majority of the interview the eyes should be looking at your interviewer.
  3.  What should I wear?  Smart clothes or uniform and not just on the top half.   We all feel more confident when we look our best.
  4. Where should they sit?  Somewhere they are comfortable.   Of course, you might want to think about what’s behind them (no inappropriate posters!), but the school aren’t judging your home decor, they want to get to know your child.

Our team of consultants love helping students build confidence before interviews and if you would like to talk to us about some online interview preparation sessions get in touch: