The half-term holiday is a great opportunity for your child to spend some time reading. Why not set your child a goal to read a book a week over the week? Family visits to the library can be a fun way to pass an afternoon and your child and your local library will probably be hosting events (competitions, readings etc) for children over the week.

Be sure to listen to your children reading, sharing the experience with them and chatting over the meaning of words and comprehension as you go along (you will soon understand if you have pitched the book choices at the right level).

Reading should be an enjoyable fun activity so don’t be too regimental about routine.  Also, if a child is really struggling with a book and you sense they aren’t enjoying it, encourage them to put it aside and pick something else.

Use the internet to heighten their interest in the stories they are reading – lots of authors have author websites as well as blogs, book trailers, and book review sites.

Encourage them to read ‘First News’ the newspaper aimed at children, which helps children engage in current affairs. Read it with them and discuss their thoughts and opinions based on the stories.

Your child might like to have their own ‘space’ to read, such as a favourite chair or their bedroom (in the summer months the garden). They may dislike having mum/dad choose their books for them, or they might like their input.

Lastly, getting your children into the habit of reading a book before bed is a lovely way to encourage them into a reading routine and allow them time away from screens.

Some of our favourite books for children are below. However, Reading ages vary significantly so these are for guidance only.

Books for 7-9 year olds

Books for 9-11 year olds

Books for 11-13 year olds