Choose sixth form subjects that you are passionate about, are interested in and which play to your individual learning style. Sixth form is hard work, so you need to give yourself the best chance of success by making the right choices to meet you own goals.

Setting goals for sixth form is important. What university course, career, internship are you aiming for? If you don’t set your own goals, with an idea of how you are going to achieve them, you’ll end up working towards someone else’s goals. This has a lower chance of a successful outcome. Decide where you are heading and how you are going to get there.

Read the school handbook on the syllabus and assessment method for your intended subjects. This will assist you in making the right choices. Unless there are specific subjects that you require for a particular career such as medicine, choose only those subjects that inspire you to work hard and hence are most likely to do well in.

Choosing new subjects which you haven’t studied before such as Economics, Business or Psychology has the potential to give you a new source of motivation and inspiration to do well.

Beware of being over-ambitious in the number of subjects you choose to study at A Level – the three or four subject debate! With the new linear A level courses, taking 4 subjects all the way through to the summer exams, after two years in sixth form, is an exceptional goal. Consider whether studying three subjects, with perhaps an EPQ to show breadth and the ability to think independently, might be a better approach to achieve the top grades.

Relationships with teachers are different when you are in sixth form. Be prepared to think more, contribute to class discussions and to engage with both peers and teachers on a regular basis. There is no place for sponges in a sixth form classroom – it’s time to be a firework!

Independent research, reading around a subject-be prepared for less spoon-feeding and more discussion to enable you to form your own opinions, with evidence of how you formed them and how to back them up via your background reading.

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