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The first call will bring clarity and focus to your school search. It is the perfect solution for parents who need an overview of the school entry and application process, as well as advice on how to research and apply to the perfect school for your child.

Your reassuring words of wisdom were exactly what we needed. They gave us the understanding and confidence to make a decision on the right boarding school.’ 

  • Ahead of your consultation, you’ll complete an online questionnaire to bring clarity and focus to your personal school search criteria, as well as enable our Consultant to better understand your current thinking and school objectives, ahead of their call with you.
  • In the call, you’ll get answers to all your initial questions, enabling you to research and make informed decisions on your school choices and applications.
  • Our team of consultants have years of experience in helping families from all over the world find the right school for their child.
  • We will match you with the consultant who has the knowledge to give you answers to the questions you have on any aspect of your UK INDEPENDENT SCHOOL SEARCH.
  • Our team are available at short notice and will often make time for you in the evenings or weekends to allow for different time zones.
  • You will be empowered to decide on the right next steps for your child and family.
  • Your consultant will summarise your call in an email and may suggest further work with them or another member of our team
  • As your school search progresses we will be available to assist you at any stage with one of our broader services or add ons – you can see more of the services and resources we have here

The price for this FIRST CALL is £147 – a purchase will give you immediate access to the questionnaire and we will then arrange the call.