Going to university should be a carefully considered process which starts as early as year 9 or 10 at age 14 or 15, to ensure that your teenager has a career plan in mind for gaining employment after graduation. For example, our experts will guide your teenager through:

Choosing the right subjects to study at GCSE and A Level or whether the IB is the right choice. If necessary, advising on a change of school for sixth form.

Guide them in reviewing and evaluating their interests, personality traits, learning styles and ambitions, to allow consideration of appropriate careers and the right pathway to employment.

Help them to consider potential courses and universities of interest.

Assist them to put in place a schedule of visits to university open days during year 12 and guide them in evaluating the courses.

Give consideration and support in planning work experience.

Guide them in preparing their UCAS application, including writing their personal statement.

Giving your teenager the opportunity to apply early to the universities of their choice will free-up valuable time during the Autumn term of Year 13, to focus on their immediate academic studies, rather than completing last-minute applications.

If appropriate, offer advice and guidance on alternatives to university such as apprenticeships, internships or Further Education courses.

Since our Consultancy Face-to-face services are tailor-made to the requirements of individual parents, please give us a call to discuss your particular situation and we will be very happy to talk through how we can help with your personal requirements.

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