Social media is a huge part of many teen’s lives, however recent events in the news have proved comments shared do come back and bite you, affecting chances of securing or keeping a valued job.
For this reason, it is important to discuss the implications inappropriate use of social media could have on your teenager’s future. As early teens, they will be using these platforms for the first time and it is important to give guidance on suitable comments. They need to understand that sexy, drinking photos or controversial opinions about sensitive subjects all have potential to cause harm.
Employers have been known to view Facebook pages during the shortlisting process. With competition tight for university courses, what better way to form a view as to the most reliable, conscientious students than to review their social media presence?
Remind your teen that once they post something, it is out of their hands. It is there in black and white forever. Suggest they do not post in the heat of the moment, without first giving thought as to the impact it may have on others. Could what they are writing be misunderstood at a later date?
Considering whether they might be happy for their school Headteacher, a potential or future employer or university director of admissions to read what they have posted, might be a good way of setting benchmarks.
Asking your teen to help you to set up your own social media is a good way to engage with them, but choose your battles. You will see the good, the bad, and the truly unfathomable. If you don’t want your teen to dis-engage with you, don’t query every transgression. Keep it general.