How do I apply for an apprenticeship and how can I tell if I am eligible to apply?
If you are over 16 years of age, living in England and are not already in full-time education you can apply for an apprenticeship. You may have just left school after GCSE or having worked for a while, be seeking a new career path. The entry criteria vary enormously depending on the industry and the type of apprenticeship. Competition for places is quite steep so you will need to demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment and that you are aware of the responsibility you are undertaking. You will be expected to work on your own or as part of a team and to understand what is expected of you. The ability to show initiative is always a strong attribute.

If I start an apprenticeship what form will my training take?
Apprenticeships are all about learning on the job and for the majority of apprentices this entails a working week of 30 hours. They are designed with the assistance of employers within the industry in which they are delivered and the aim is to ensure you acquire all the skills you will need to follow a career path within that industry. Employers have an obligation to support you and ensure that you meet certain targets and objectives and that you are making continual progress.
Most of your time will be spent working so the majority of the training process is carried out ‘on the job’. The rest of it will take place at a local college or specialist training centre and your employer will release you from your workplace to attend. The amount of off the job training depends on the apprenticeship but can vary from one day every two weeks to two days a week. The specialist skills you will learn are designed to equip you with all you will need to be successful in your chosen career.