Applying to Oxford or Cambridge

What is the UCAS application deadline for Oxbridge applications?

Completed UCAS applications, including a reference from the applicant’s school, should be sent to UCAS by 15th October for all courses at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge as well as for dentistry, medicine, veterinary science and veterinary medicine.

What are admission tests for Oxford or Cambridge University?

At Oxford and Cambridge, admissions tests are often used alongside interviews, to help determine which candidates will receive offers.

Admissions tests are examinations, either paper-based or online, which are taken for certain subjects and colleges at Oxford and Cambridge to help assess academic ability and potential. They are designed to test the analytical abilities required for a particular course at Oxbridge, in particular logical and critical thinking skills.

Approximately 70% of Oxbridge courses now require an admissions test.

Depending on the university and/or subject, tests may be taken before an offer of interview is made or in the interview period itself.  Offers of interview and/or conditional offers may be dependent on a certain score in the admissions test.

What is SAQ when applying to Cambridge?

The Cambridge Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) is a compulsory part of the application process for all Cambridge applicants.  The deadline varies from year to year but it is generally late October. After you have submitted your UCAS form, Cambridge sends you an email, asking you to fill out the SAQ online by the specified deadline.

The SAQ is designed to enable that Cambridge has collect further data on applicants, so it goes beyond the details provided in the standard UCAS form. It also allows Cambridge to ask more specific questions about academic results, such as details of module marks in AS examinations.

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