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Applying to Oxford or Cambridge university

Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge) are two of the oldest and finest universities in the world, with a global reputation for academic excellence. An undergraduate degree from Oxbridge is the foundation stone upon which a highly successful career is built.

Students who are planning to apply to Oxbridge should be thinking of their course choice and preparing their intellectual development from the age of around 14 or 15, perhaps even earlier.

Our team of careers experts will mentor your teenager throughout the UK university application process, enabling them to clarify their university and course choices, guiding them towards completing an effective UCAS application.

Making a strong application to Oxford or Cambridge University through UCAS is a very time-consuming process. Our inclusive consultancy package supports aspiring Oxbridge candidates comprehensively, every step of the way.

There is a timeline below of all the aspects we guide teenagers through, when making an application to a UK university, including Oxbridge. This university application support is often delivered over a 12 to 18-month period.

  • Guidelines on the timeline and application process for Oxbridge.

  • Guidance on the specific courses available, their rankings and course content.

  • University application support with additional papers, tests and exams which are required.

  • Advice on selecting the right College for the right academic course.

  • Interview preparation sessions and a subject specific mock interview.

Other elements of the Oxford and Cambridge Applications service are outlined below.

The subject selection process:

  • Detailed review and guidance on subject selection linked to future careers plans.

  • Discussion on the pros and cons of singular honours programmes, joint honour programmes, modular programmes, gap years, work experience etc.

  • A review of personality traits, interests and personal goals.

The online application process:

  • Guidance on how to complete each section of the online application including: How to register, initial UCAS questions, personal details, choices, education, predicted grades and references.

  • Skills audit to help draft an effective personal statement.

  • University application support on how to write the personal statement on the selected subject.

  • Detailed reviews and comprehensive feedback on Personal Statement drafts.

  • Proof reading the final Personal Statement.

  • University application support on getting the best academic references and predicted grades if required.

  • Checking the completed application before submission.

Other key areas:

  • Overview on timeline, process and preparation of any necessary entrance tests.

  • Advice on making the most of university visits/open day planning and what key questions to ask (we can also set these up if required)

  • Guidance on confirming the best university offer and insurance offer.

  • Finalising offer after results.

  • Advice on making accommodation choices.

Are you interested in finding out more about our university application support or are you ready to get started with our team of education consultants? Contact us today to get started.

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